Coming Out of Shame

May 26, 2024

Book: John

Scripture: John 18:12-25

it is easy to fall into shame and fear. They nevertheless motivate us strongly and caused us to do untruthful things. When do you find that your life is gripped by shame? What does it look like in your life? Shame is a deep sense that you’re unacceptable. It brings us to a place where we feel exposed and humiliated. Christ, on the other hand, takes our shame and brings us close to God. There are three things that the text teaches us about shame and fear, and how Christ helps us through them. Pride and self sufficiency us away from God because we believe we don’t need his help. On the other side of failure, we are hammered with shame for not measuring up our own self delusional standards. Time with Jesus, however, prepares us for future battles with guilt and shame. Additionally, we learn that the result of pride and self-sufficiency is fear and disbelief . It is imperative that we recognize, however, that Christ’s response to Pet‘s own denial is his response to us: love, sacrifice, and acceptance. How do we apply this to our lives? Shamelessly worship God through Christ. Remind ourselves that our acceptance is not based on our outward appearances. Don’t let shame motivate us , and our relationship with God. No matter how we feel or what we have experienced, we are close to God because of Christ.