Excelling in the Grace of Generosity

May 5, 2024

Series: 2 Corinthians

Paul draws the Corinthians church’s focus to the church in Macedonia because of their dedication to generosity despite their extreme poverty. Because of the Spirit, they joyfully and sacrificially gave to the Jerusalem believers despite their own poverty. How are we free to have such wealth of generosity? Where does such generosity in the midst of poverty come from? Loving others with this type of generosity is an extension of the joy we have in Christ. Generosity is not a means of increasing our righteousness, however. The very reverse is true! It is because of the Spirit’s righteous work within us, like the Macedonians, that we can give generously and with great joy. Jesus was the penultimate example of this: his work on the cross was a joyful act of generosity springing out of his self-imposed impoverishment.