Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend

June 2, 2024

Book: Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 88

Are we really honest with God? We have a tendency to not make a place for suffering in our theology, which, in turn, keeps us from coming to God and others with what is truly on our hearts. Making room for healthy suffering when dark times come is essential for our walk with God. In fact, in dark seasons of our soul, honesty to God is actually an act of faith.

The reality of darkness is that, as in Heman’s case, it is not one which necessarily comes by any sin of ours; rather, it is one that can be brought to us by God Himself (John 16:33, Philippians 1:29-30, I Peter 4:12). It can surround us from a young age and eventually permeate our hearts to the point that it seems to be our only friend. What do we do when darkness remains with us for more than a season? How should we respond?

Henan chooses to declare the reality and the sovereignty of God as well His mercy—a declaration of faith. The presence of this psalm is a witness to His mercy to us that we may see how He is sovereign over even the darkness in our lives. Our response to this should be one which causes us to turn both to God and to one another rather than by risking detachment from God by trying to live a life that appears “happy” or “good” on the outside despite the turmoil swirling underneath.

In the end, Christ became like Heman for our sake. He was abandoned and scorned, rejected and repulsive, the object of God’s wrath and a man of sorrows. While we may experience darkness in seasons or over long stretches of life, we can look to Christ as one who understands and find comfort knowing that whatever God may be doing with the darkness in our lives, He has given us the one true light in His son, Christ Jesus, that we may see through it.