Make Room

February 26, 2024

Book: John

Scripture: John 14:1-6

46th Annual World Missions Conference


The God of the universe commits himself to making room for us, even when we were not yet his children. We are called to join him in drawing others into the kingdom. One way we see this in John 14 is Jesus’ description of the Father’s hospitality as he prepares a place for us (vv. 1-2). We should also “make room” by being hospitable to people of every tribe and nation. A second way we see this is Jesus’ expression of the Father’s plan for intimacy (vs. 3). We should therefore share God’s intimacy with the world, being open to forming relationships with others so that the Spirit works through us to draw others into God’s family. Thirdly, Jesus describes himself as the way into God’s abode and into a right relationship with the Father (vv. 4-6). So, too, should we make Jesus known to others as the Way.