The Transfiguration

March 3, 2024

Book: Luke

Scripture: Luke 9:28-36

The Father gives one audible command in the Gospels, and it’s to listen to his son, Jesus. Do we listen to God? Life transformation happens by not just talking, but listening to Jesus. In vv. 28-31, Jesus reveals his glory as he is transfigured, or metamorphosed, by his divine glory. This is important for Christians to understand, because we, too, are metamorphosed by the union of our soul with God. We participate, in this way, with the Divine Nature through the Spirit. Through our transformation, we receive a calling and the grace to achieve it. In vv. 30-36, the Father then reveals Jesus’ greatness as being more significant than the Law. He is supreme.

How do we apply this? Talk with Jesus and he will guide you to salvation. Listen to Jesus and he will transform your life.