Widen Your Heart

March 17, 2024

Series: 2 Corinthians

The church in Corinth did not receive Paul‘s first letter well. He therefore sent two more: the second letter, one of reprimand, which caused the Corinthians to repent, and the third (2 Corinthians) in which Paul bared his weaknesses. From Paul’s stance in second Corinthians, we can see how important it is to make a room in our lives to love God’s people.

There are two things to see about this in 2 Corinthians 6. Paul spoke freely as a true spiritual father to the Corinthian church, opening his heart even to difficult people. He even demonstrated vulnerability and discussing his own hardships, even though the church in Corinth had held themselves back due to their lack of love. After setting himself as an example, he urged the Corinthian church to open their hearts to others so that they might show the love of Christ.

If you love people, Be willing to have difficult conversations and point them to Jesus for grace and forgiveness. Additionally, widen your hearts if you’ve been corrected by other believers.